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Lorantfy Inc. is run by me, Ben Lorantfy, an award-winning software developer. I've been building web and mobile apps for several years, working closely with clients and stakeholders to bring ideas to life. Let's work together on your next project.


Web Development

Have an idea for an awesome web app but need help with the execution? Get an award-winning web developer on your side. I have years of experience building high-quality, production-ready web applications, having lead frontend development at a national corporation's innovation outpost. Get in touch

Mobile Development

Let's build your killer idea for a mobile app. Get a cross-platform, high quality mobile app.

Graphic Design

Need a logo or some clipart? I can help with that


Separate your views from your state

Often I see code structures that couple global state to specific pages in an application. This applies to any state management library, but I’ll use redux as an example. Take this file structure Read More

Global styles should be avoided

The general consensus of the programming community is that global variables are just bad. So if most of us agree global variables are pretty detrimental to a program, then why did we decide global styles are ok? Read More

Tech Articles Mega Thread

A curated list of programming and tech-related articles I find to be helpful in some way Read More

Amateurs talk implementation; professionals talk interfaces

There's an interesting quote that is often credited to Omar Bradley (1893-1981), the last five-star officer of the United States. It goes like this... Read More

Reuse components instead of classes

Components are the superior unit of composition Read More

Blame tooling not people

Tooling is much more effective than people at preventing mistakes, encouraging patterns, and discouraging anti-patterns. Read More


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